The Window Man Replacement Windows
The Window Man Replacement Windows

Window Styles

Different windows look and operate differently. Here are they major different window styles:

  • Double Hung
  • Casement
    • A casement window is one that is attached to the frame by hinges. These hinges are typically located on the side of the frame, and the window can swing open and closed.
  • Bay
    •   A bay window is any window that extends out farther than the edge of the house. They are often used to make a room appear larger in a home. There are made of multiple windows mulled together.
    • A Bow window, is very similar to a bay window. The only difference is the the exterior of a bow window is curved, it does not have the exterior angles that a bay does. Click here to see a bow window. 
  • Slider
    •   A sliding window is exactly what it sounds like. It is a window that slides in one direction to open. Here are some examples of installed sliding windows.  
  • Storm Window
  • Picture


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