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The Window Man Replacement Windows

Glass Basics

Different glass types not only vary greatly in looks, but different styles can help secure your house and lower utility bills.

Glass style:

  • Laminated Glass
    • Laminated is also known as "IMPACT" glass. Laminated glass does not shatter when broken, instead in fractures and looks like a spiderweb. Its similar to the material front windshields in cars are made out of. It also has a higher STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating because it dampens noise. Blocks 99% UV light.
  • Obscure Glass
    • Obscure glass is any kind of glass that is designed to change the view through it. They are commonly used in Entry Door and bathroom windows.
  • Low E Glass
    • Low E stands for low emittance. It is a coating that can be placed on window panes to reduce the U Factor, or rate of heat loss.
  • Argon or Kynar Gas
    • You might have heard Low E and Argon used together a lot in window talk. Argon is a gas that when placed in between panes of glass reduces the conductance of the air space. By doing this the glass lets less heat/cold into your house, lowering the U Factor and your utility bills 

 Sound Abatement: 

  • Noise transmittance is measured in STC (Sound Transmission Class). The higher the STC rating the more noise is blocked by your window
    •  Noise transmittance can also be effected by other factors such as: proximity to noise, doorways, walls, and roofing
  • If noise is your problem, click here to learn more

Energy Ratings:

  • There are multiple rating systems to reflect a windows energy efficiency:
    • AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturer's Association)- measure water leakage, air leakage, and structural strength
    • NFRC (Nation Fenestration Rating Council)- test rate of heat loss, solar heat efficiency, light transmittance, and condensation resistance
    • Energy Star- does not test products , sets minimum ratings for NFRC
  • Federal Tax Credits require certain qualifying energy ratings


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