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The Window Man Replacement Windows

The Window Man! We Educate...You Decide!

The Windowman in Fairfax Virginia is the "Educational Window Company". We want our clients to know as much as possible before the sale so that you can make an informed decision. We shall strive to educate our customers on the pros and cons of different materials, and design essentials, enabling the consumer to make an informed decision as to their window needs. We employ a knowledgeable sales staff whose primary job is to aide the consumer in identification of their needs and desires before offering possible options or solutions.

What Makes a Great Window?

Glass Basics

Window Materials
We provide an easy to read Pro and Con Comparision between the leading window materials including wood, vinyl, fiberglass, steel, composite and more

Sound Abatement

The Greener Side of Things
The Window Man has our environment and the people who live its' best interest in mind when considering what products we provide to our consumers.

Window Cleaning
Tips on how to clean your own windows

Window Terms
From AAMA to Sills, we have you covered on the jargon of popular window terms. Do not shop for windows without reading this first

Window Tips
Practical advice for common window problems like heat loss, dampening, noise reduction and more

Did you know?
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